• 1. How could I get my fund?

    when someone post an appeal he/she must have to provide valid bank account or other mobile banking account information. We will disburse the collected amount according to those account after deducting the platform fee.

  • 2. How can you verify the authenticity of an appeal?

    We have three step verification process. Users/Campaigner National Identity verification, Relationship with the patient verification and valid account verification.

  • 3. Is this site provide free service?

    Basically it’s a free platform for posting an appeal but deducts only the platform fees for the maintenance purpose.

  • 4. How to terminate an appeal?

    Every appeal will work on the real time basis. When the deadline of an appeal closed it will automatically be in the archive and no one can donate anymore.

  • 5. Is it only for Bangladesh?

    Right now we provide service in Bangladesh. But we are planning to expand internationally very soon.