Terms of Services

Last updated: 05 May 2020

Please read this terms of services before using www.onemillionhelp.com

  1. Fund-raiser: Fund-raiser is a user who launches an appeal to raise fund. Fund-raiser can be an individual or an organization.
  2. Appeal: An appeal is a public request to raise funds. OneMillionHelp Appeal is restricted to non-profit purposes only. For example: raising funds for medical treatment, providing the registration fees for the exam etc.
  3. By using www.onemillionhelp.com fund-raisers will be able to create appeal.
  4. An appeal must be approved by OneMillionHelp.
  5. Upon request by the fund-raiser, OneMillionHelp will transfer the fund to the fund-raisers account.
  6. Fund-raisers are fully accountable to utilize the fund for the intended purpose only. Fund-raisers should donate the non-utilized fund to another similar appeal. For example, you raised a 100000 BDT fund for the treatment of a patient and it required only 80000 BDT. Then you should donate the rest of the money to another appeal for medical treatment.
  7. Fund-raiser is fully accountable to provide updates to the it’s donors using www.onemillionhelp.com . Update should include how much money you raised, how much you spent and what you did with the rest of the money. You also give the update of fund-raising purposes. For example, if you raised money for the treatment of a patient, you must update the conditions of the treatment.
  8. Fund-raisers agree that s/he does not violate any of the rules of the country of her/his residence.
  9. In cases of any change in the service charge, OneMillionHelp is obliged to inform fund-raisers in advance of one week of time.